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Did You Know? Those cheap online background check services don't perform real background check investigations. The dark lurking details that they miss can make a big difference in your decisions.

Keeping You Safe in New York City, Newburgh, Manhattan, and Across The U.S.

How do you know that you are making the right decision about the person you're considering hiring, the tenant you are about to rent your property to, the nanny you are hiring to watch your child, the person you are about to become involved with, or the person you might be investing your money with?

No matter where you are in NYC - Manhattan, Newburgh, or the Tri-State area - We Can Help!

At Gold Shield Elite we conduct a comprehensive nationwide background check that goes far above and beyond what your $20 online check will do. Don't put yourself at risk, come to the professionals at New York's Gold Shield Elite first.

Reasons To Conduct a Background Check

Included Standard with our
Comprehensive Check

  • Businesses
    • Business Search
    • Corporate Filings
    • Dun and Bradstreet
    • National UCC filings
    • Businesses in the news

NYC Nanny Background Check - Before you hire that nanny, know who you are hiring to watch and care for you child or children. You would be surprised at what we can potentially uncover. Newspaper headlines across America too often tell stories of child care providers that are the culprits in child abuse, identity theft or the unthinkable, kidnapping. Whether in you need a Nanny background check in NYC or elsewhere, the minimal cost is a small price to pay for true peace of mind.

NOTE: Nanny background & financial checks should be done annually.

Home Care Aides - Most Caregivers seem trusting and caring at first, and many truly are. However, you must remember that they are in the homes of your loved ones having access to all personal documents, bank statements, account numbers etc. Identity theft is on the rise and this is where it can be prevented. (We also offer tips for securing your identity and lowering your risk of identity theft at NO CHARGE!) Don't let someone you love become a victim, contact New York's background check professionals at Gold Shield Elite.

NYC Pre Employment Screening - Before hiring the perfect candidate, a background check is very important and highly recommended, a conviction itself is an absolute bar to employment. It avoids problems in employee thefts, loss prevention and workplace violence. (We also offer polygraph testing during the employment hiring process to certain job applicants of security service firms). For professional service call Gold Shield Elite at 845-561-GSEI or Toll Free at 1-888-213-8881, whether you need a background check in New York City or nationwide

Pre-Marital Screening/ Internet Dating Screening - You meet someone, that perfect someone, and soon you think about entering into a committed relationship. Is there something you should know about his/her past that maybe he/she never told you? People enter into pre-nuptials more and more today. Know for sure with a comprehensive nationwide background check, whether in Newburgh, Manhattan, or elsewhere in New York. The immense list to the right shows every point and every check that is performed during the Gold Shield Elite Investigations Background Check.

NYC Tenant Screening - Before you hire that tenant, you must know who you are renting to. Avoid being the victim of lost rental income or having that tenant bring their long history of domestic violence to your property. Along with prior issues, know their residence history.
We'll find out for you if they move frequently. A sure sign of fleeing tenant with overdue rent. Protect your investment by conducting a background check; without a tenant background check you stand to lose thousands of dollars in lost rental income.

Here is how a tenant typically runs their scam;

Common Tenant Scam
  1. Rent today, pay their rent on time to seem like the model tenant, tricking you into feeling comfortable.
  2. After several months the rents start to become lazy and delinquent, usually followed by a series of "sincere" excuses as to why they are late and when they expect to pay you the rent.
  3. The next thing you know months have gone by, you now realize you have to start the eviction process.
  4. More months go by, while time and money are wasted trying to get them evicted, until finally they are out.
Hopefully there are not much costly repairs. You must now start the renting process over again.
Lower your risk of lost rental income with a complete comprehensive Nationwide background and credit report.

At Gold Shield Elite Investigations, we understand that despite your best efforts, people may not always be what they seem or claim to be. Call us at 1-888-213-8881 to find the truth.

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