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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find a good investigator ?
If you don't use us, always use a licensed and bonded investigator. New York has one of the highest standards for private investigators.
What is the cost for the initial consultation?
We do not charge for the consultation. Our goal with the consultation is to simply ascertain your needs and see if we can help. You can come to our office or we can come to you.
How long does the consultation take?
Each case is different and we can't estimate an average. Whatever the case, we will take however much time is needed to address your situation and needs. We will develop a strategy that will work for you. You can rest assured that we will treat you with respect and discretion.
Will you guarantee that my investigation will provide the evidence I need?
No, and anyone who makes such a guarantee should be regarded with suspicion. Our job is to research and investigate the facts and to conduct surveillance. It is entirely up to the subject of our investigation to do (or have done) the things you suspect them of doing.
How quickly can you begin my case?
Usually, we can begin once we receive your retainer. We do not charge extra for rush cases.
How do I pay for services?
You can pay by cash, check or credit card. Pay online using credit card or PayPal, or by electronic invoice sent via e-mail with direct link to PayPal.
Do you offer referrals or examples of your work?
Because of the sensitivity of what we do, we would be breaking our confidentiality agreement with our clients if we were to provide references. Likewise, we choose to not display photos from our case for that same reason.
I'm looking for an old friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/ army buddy/school buddy: How does this work?
If we are able to locate the person, we will make contact with them. If they wish to have contact with you, we will supply them your information. If they do not wish contact, we may forward a letter from you to them.
But I'd like to surprise them!
We realize that this approach might spoil a surprise reunion, but there are laws in place regarding the distribution of personal information that we must adhere to. This is as much for your protection as for our own.
I'm not allowed visitation with or custody of my children; can you find them for me?
If the children are age eighteen or older, we would follow the same procedure as listed above. If the children are under the age of eighteen, we would have to contact their custodial parent or legal guardian and will only provide their contact information with their written permission.

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