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Identifying risks is the first step to successful risk management. By developing policies and procedures, you will protect employees. Gold Shield Elite can assist in developing your safety program and training your employees in a successful risk management program.

We can tailor and customize our services to meet your specific needs from early stages of pre- construction work through completion while implementing all security measures for a successful business.



With workplace violence on the rise in Manhattan and across the US, it has become the greatest threat facing companies today. This threat may increase during economic downturns, where individuals facing layoffs, downsizing and termination may blame the company or management for their predicament.

At Gold Shield Elite we…..

  • Recommend initiating procedures and strengthen existing security procedures
  • Initiate a Threat Assessment Group (TAG)
  • Establish lock down procedures and evacuation procedures
  • Determine the severity of the threat
  • Background check on suspected individual for signs of violence
  • Special procedures if subject returns to company property
  • Surveillance after termination
  • Security protection analysis of managers residence

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