Important Lesson: Nanny Due Diligence

She seems nice, capable. You’ve checked her last employer or two, and she checked out fine. You are ready to trust your children, your possessions, your identity information to her, right? On second thought, you go to the Internet and Google “nanny crimes” and come up with over four million “hits,” including “Traveling Nanny Hired Online Charged with Sex Crimes” and “Babysitter Jennifer Duran Martinez, 35, is being held without bail on suspicion of child abuse homicide.” Was calling a couple of references sufficient for you?

You can Google your nanny’s name or names on the Internet and hope to come up with critical information, or you can ask a professional todo a background check. That’s where we come in. After twenty-one years with the New York Police Department, having risen to the level of homicide detective, I retired and started Gold Shield Elite Investigations. One of our earliest clients was a husband and wife team, he a surgeon, she a psychologist. They were hiring a nanny, and the husband asked the wife about the nanny’s identity and history. After all, their children, possessions, personal identity information, checkbooks, jewelry, keys, etc., would all be vulnerable while the nanny was taking care of the kids. The wife thought the woman would be fine for the position, but she agreed it was prudent to let us do some nanny-hiring due diligence.

We ran a background check on the nanny for this couple. We checked not only her, but her close relatives. We looked not only for crimes but for other tell-tale signs of possible problems, such as bankruptcies, close relatives convicted of crimes, and more. We know how to “read between the lines.” We gave them our report. They wdfere surprised by what we found and decided to hire someone else.

When you are pretty sure, have us dig deeper. You want to be very sure.

Check out our NYC background check services. You can contact us or call us at 1-888-213-8881.

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