In a new version of tech support fraud, scammers will freeze your computer. A message will come on telling you your computer has been infected with malware. Then it will instruct you to call the number on the screen immediately. Sometimes it will be accompanied by a loud voice telling you to call the number.
If you call the number, a technician will claim he is from Microsoft, Apple or some other company, and that they will diagnose the problem for free. Next they will inform you there is a problem, but that they can fix it on their end for a fee. The fees vary and can cost up to $250. They may even offer a protection service for about $25 to $100.00 a month.

What should you do if the message comes on your computer?

NEVER call the toll free number provided. DO NOT click on any of the pop up windows. Close the browser, or turn off your computer to get rid of the message.

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