Protecting Your Child From Predators and Identity Theft

NYC Nanny Background Checks

Know who is really taking care of your child while protecting against the possibility of falling victim to identity theft from within at the same time.

You may not think it, but nannies in NYC, the big apple, can be rotten apples underneath there smiling exterior. This has nothing to do with the nature of nannies, absolutely not. However, a nanny is a form that a scam artist will take – it is their disguise to get your guard down.

Most BAD nannies fall into the same category: Opportunists

It is important to protect against the very real possibility of that bad nanny, a lot of ID theft comes from someone you know or from someone within. Bare in mind that a nanny has access to to your personal information. Or in the least, they can gather information piece by piece.

Over  time  clients become comfortable with their nannies and leave their checkbooks out, bank statements, unopened credit card offers etc.  That bad nanny slowly picks up bits of the pieces of the puzzle to formulate their puzzle … YOUR IDENTITY. With your name date of birth possibly social security number, bank accounts etc.  Before you even realize it or when you go apply for  credit, you find out you’re DENIED due to a ruined credit score.

Conducting a background check is not foolproof, but usually there are enough red flags present for an experienced investigator to detect.

Curious as to what the red flags can be or what a background check entails? Visit our NYC background checks page, or call us toll-free at: 1-888-213-8881

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