From the back cover of the book by Lenny Golino [and Douglas Winslow Cooper], a memoir  to be published in 2012 by Outskirts Press:

In The Shield of Gold, private investigator and former New York Police Department homicide detective Lenny Golino informs, amuses, and sometimes saddens the reader with real-life stories from his twenty-one years with the NYPD and from his current position as head of Gold Shield Elite Investigations, LLC. Among the chapters are “Gratitude and Attitude,” “From Kid to Cop,” “‘Street Eyes’ and ‘Street-wise,’” “World Trade Center Attack, September 11, 2001,” “Line-ups, Show-Ups, and Screw-Ups,” ”The Murderous Mom,” “One Who Got Away,” “Cache of the Day,” “Through a Cop’s Eyes,” “Who, or What, Is Bugging You?”

This candid memoir describes some of the highs and lows of being on The Job. One needs a sense of humor and a philosophical perspective not to become victim to three common hazards of police work: alcoholism, divorce, and suicide. “To serve and protect” successfully one must have insight and compassion, along with street smarts and a desire to see justice done. One cannot be too soft-boiled nor too hard-boiled…nor scrambled.

After retiring from the NYPD, Golino found that being a detective had become addictive. He established his Gold Shield Elite organization to continue his calling and to provide private investigative services in Newburgh, NY that are timely, professional, and affordable.

The Shield of Gold gives a first-hand depiction of police work and private investigating that both informs and entertains.

**********Leonard Golino is a decorated veteran of twenty-one years of service with the New York Police Department, the last seven years of which he served as a robbery-homicide unit detective, solving 46 of 57 homicide investigations he conducted. He is currently a private investigator.

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