The conclave that selected the newest Catholic Pope, Pope Francis, was protected by extensive, sophisticated security measures and devices, not only to assure the safety of the participants, but to protect the integrity of the election process by keeping the deliberations and voting secret until after the world saw the puff of white smoke emitted to signify election of the new Pontiff.

We all have secrets, few of them of such international interest, all of them of possible personal or commercial impact. To keep our written materials private, we use locked doors and file cabinets and safes …and paper-shredders.

What can we do to keep our conversations private?

For the conclave, the Vatican’s security experts used electronic instruments to “sweep” the chambers to assure there were no recording devices, no “bugs,” hidden within.

If you have reason to believe someone has installed a recording or transmitting device on your premises, you will want to employ an organization, such as Gold Shield Elite Investigations, to check your telephones and to “sweep” your rooms to detect any surveillance equipment. Such equipment would have been installed by someone trusted or by someone never considered…like a maintenance man or an “installer” of something or an “inspector” of some type.

Modern counter-electronics, in suitably trained hands, can find such devices. You decide whether to remove them or to feed the listeners misleading information.

Sometimes, we want to know a secret. Sometimes, others want to know ours.


Don’t be nearly sure. Let Gold Shield Elite investigate. Be certain.

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