This October in New York City, a fifty-year-old nanny stabbed the two children, ages 6 and nearly 2, in her care, then stabbed herself, trying to commit suicide. On returning home with her third child to their posh apartment in Manhattan‘s West Side, the mother of the dead children faced that horrific scene.

Could it have been prevented?

The nanny had been employed with the family for about two years. Neighbors said that she had recently complained of money problems and seemed unhealthy and upset. Perhaps the parents should have noticed these dangerous signs.

Investigating a potential new-hire, professional investigative agenciessuch as Gold Shield Elitefind it valuable to look into the financial records. Although a nanny’s child-minding skills are not reflected there, these records can indicate whether of not the candidate has that portion of her life under control. Emotional and psychological instability, even when nearly invisible, often lead to financial misbehavior, a valuable warning sign for prospective employers.

As part of a thorough investigation of a child-care aide, review of criminal and financial records provide insights that can be missed when relying solely on recommendations and interviews. While you are not at home, and the nanny is in your house, with your children, you need to be confident that nothing improper is occurring.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Some losses can never be regained.

Don’t be nearly sure. Let Gold Shield Elite investigate. Be certain.

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